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Hear what people are saying

Agile Trainer

Comcast Cable

Jana is one of those speakers you watch and are able to imagine some stage props including TED in the background. There is no reason why this rising star won't be on a youtube posting from TED talks in the future. Jana is captivating, caring, motivating and understanding of her audience. She not only sees faces, she sees stories attached to each person. She attempts to understand the person before she answers a question, even with just simple factual data. Jana is a very trust worthy individual and although she has opinions, she is loyal to the idea that her opinion may be irrelevant and thus she attempts to answer a question or present an idea in the way that benefits her audience the best. This loyalty might cost her some initial monetary gain but I trust her to always state what the answer is, even if it means going to another provider. That's someone I want to do business with, a true partner.

Business Project Manager

Cigna Health Care

Jana came into a tough position—into a very complicated program mid-stream and quickly got herself acclimated, and with a firm hand on the tiller. 

Jana drives initiatives with a blend of humility and courage, with great conscientiousness, clear communication and a dash of humor. 
I’m fortunate to be able to work at her side and learn through her example. She is a terrific asset.


Cigna Health Care

Picking up the role as an Enterprise Project Manager on a large vendor migration project halfway through its development is no easy task. I'm referring to my colleague Jana Axline, whom I had the pleasure of working with as the Enterprise Architect for the project. 

When Jana joined the team, she quickly understood the project and inherent issues to get the project on a path to green. You can attribute the success to her ability to know the right questions to ask about a solution and understanding the team dynamics on who should be doing what. Through my experience with her we built a strong collaborative relationship to efficiently mitigate risks and roll up our sleeves to get the work done. If IT projects were a game of dodgeball, I would pick her first.